Town planning

What is town planning? Town planning makes better and more sustainable places for everyone to live, work and enjoy. Chartered Town Planners manage these competing demands and uses for space. At the heart of their work, planners balance social, economic and environmental needs to shape the way that towns and cities grow and to create great communities for everyone.

Town planning

Add to favourites If you're interested in development, regeneration and sustainability, becoming a town planner could be the career for you As a town planner, or planner, you'll be involved in the management and development of cities, towns, villages and the countryside.

Your aim will be to balance the conflicting demands of housing, industrial development, agriculture, recreation, transport and the environment, in order to allow appropriate development to take place. Regeneration within towns and cities forms an important part of planning and the often competing views of local businesses and communities are taken into account.

If Town planning work within a rural area, you'll need to ensure that development is sustainable and that the right balance of development is achieved to preserve the countryside. You will also aim to make a positive contribution towards tackling the effects of climate change.

Responsibilities As a planner, you'll need to: These reports may be for a range of groups, from borough councils to regional assemblies, or members of the public. Salaries vary depending on the size and location of the employing organisation and the sector.

Public sector employment often includes a generous holiday entitlement and pension scheme. Other benefits may include essential car user allowances, flexible working hours, home-based working and job share opportunities.

Making and planning places affects everyone

The private sector has greater flexibility to offer performance-related pay, profit share and other additional benefits, although annual leave entitlement and pension schemes may be less generous than in the public sector.

Income figures are intended as a guide only. Working hours Working hours vary according to the sector and individual work levels, but you can generally expect a regular 9am to 5pm pattern.

Town planning

More senior positions require additional commitment. There may be considerable contact with the public, politicians and pressure groups, which may on occasion involve evening or weekend meetings.

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Career breaks and job shares are possible. What to expect The work is largely office based, but you'll spend some of your time making site visits, meeting clients and attending external meetings. Self-employment or freelance work as an independent consultant can be an option once you've gained enough experience.

A specialism in a certain area of planning can help you stand out from competitors, although it is important to have a diverse client base to maximise opportunities for income. Jobs are available in most areas of the UK as every local authority employs planners.

Planning consultancies are also located throughout the UK. You may need to travel within a working day but overnight absence from home is rarely necessary. Overseas work may be required occasionally with some consultancies.The planning of a town had was based on two main factors – The nearness to a water source and the height it was built above Nile to make sure the flooding didn’t affect the city.


Genevieve Slattery Urban Planning is a town planning consultancy located in Sydney’s inner west. Since its inception, Genevieve Slattery Urban Planning has carried out a wide range of projects, working with clients throughout the Sydney metropolitan area and NSW.

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town planning noun the comprehensive planning of the physical and social development of a town, including the construction of facilities US term: city planning. On behalf of the staff of the Town and Country Development Planning Office it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to browse our website.

Town planning

The Town and Country Development Planning Office (TCDPO) has the responsibility for the orderly and progressive development of Barbados. TPUDC is a New Urbanist town planning and urban design firm specializing in the design and implementation of projects across the U.S.

TPUDC emphasizes the creation of walkable, mixed-use, pedestrian friendly environments and memorable places that will withstand the test of time.

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