The vast differences between the velvet underground and pop music today

History[ edit ] Pre-career and early stages — [ edit ] The foundations for what would become the Velvet Underground were laid in late Cale was pleasantly surprised to discover that Reed's experimentalist tendencies were similar to his own:

The vast differences between the velvet underground and pop music today

During their time, the group experienced little commercial success; though they were hugely appreciated by a cult audience and some critics, the larger public treated them with indifference or, occasionally, scorn. Historians often hail the group for their incalculable influence upon the punk and new wave of subsequent years, and while the Velvets were undoubtedly a key touchstone of the movements, to focus upon these elements of their vision is to only get part of the story.

The group was uncompromising in its music and lyrics, to be sure, sometimes espousing a bleakness and primitivism that would inspire alienated singers and songwriters of future generations. After graduation, he set his sights considerably lower, churning out tunes for exploitation rock albums as a staff songwriter for Pickwick Records in New York City.

Reed did learn some useful things about production at Pickwick, and it was while working there that he met John Calea classically trained Welshman who had moved to America to study and perform "serious" music.

Reed and Cale who would play bass, viola, and organ would need to assemble a full band, making tentative steps along this direction by performing together in the Primitives which also included experimental filmmaker Tony Conrad and avant-garde sculptor Walter DeMaria to promote a bizarre Reed -penned Pickwick single "The Ostrich".

Even at this point, the Velvets were well on their way to developing something quite different. It was an uncommercial blend to say the least, but the Velvets got an unexpected benefactor when artist and all-around pop art icon Andy Warhol caught the band at a club around the end of By springWarhol was producing their debut album.

Niconever considered an essential member by the rest of the band, left or was fired sometime during the year, going on to a fascinating career of her own. The association with Warhol weakened, as the artist was unable to devote as much attention to the band as he had the previous year.

The vast differences between the velvet underground and pop music today

Embittered by the lukewarm reception of their album in their native New York, the Velvets concentrated on touring cities throughout the rest of the country. Each of the albums the group released while Reed led the band was an unexpected departure from all of their other LPs.

The minute "Sister Ray" was their most extreme and successful effort in this vein. Unsurprisingly, the album failed to catch on commercially, topping out at number By the summer ofthe band had a much graver problem on its hands than commercial success or the lack of it.

A rift developed between Reed and Calethe most creative forces in the band and, as one could expect, two temperamental egos. Reed presented the rest of the band with an ultimatum, declaring that he would leave the group unless Cale was sacked.

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The volume and violence had nearly vanished; the record featured far more conventional rock arrangements that were sometimes so restrained it seems as though they were making an almost deliberate attempt to avoid waking the neighbors.

Even in the absence of Calethe Velvets were still capable of generating compelling heat on-stage, as MGM was by now in the midst of an infamous "purge" of its supposedly drug-related rock acts, and the Velvets were setting their sights elsewhere.

The beginning of the s seemed to herald considerable promise for the group, as they signed to Atlantic, but at this point the personnel problems that had always dogged them finally became overwhelming. Doug Yuleaccording to some accounts, began angling for more power in the band. Unwisely, the band decided to continue, though Morrison and Tucker left shortly afterward.

That left Doug Yule at the helm of an act that was the Velvet Underground in name only, and the album that was billed to the group Squeeze is best forgotten, and not considered as a true Velvets release. With ReedCaleand Nico establishing important solo careers of their own, and such important figures as David BowieBrian Enoand Patti Smith making no bones about their debts to the band, the Velvet Underground simply became more and more popular as the years passed.

In the s, the original albums were reissued, along with a couple of important collections of outtakes. A European tour, and a live album, was completed in to mixed reviews; before a planned American jaunt could start, Reed and Cale who have feuded constantly over the past few decades fell out yet again, bringing the reunion to a sad close.

Cale and Reed continued with solo careers into the 21st century, but Reed underwent a liver transplant in Apriland although he subsequently proclaimed his strength and intention to continue performing and songwriting, he died of end-stage liver disease at his home on Long Island in October of that year.What Exactly about "The Velvet Underground and Nico" was Especially Groundbreaking?

But the more you listen to a lot of pop and rock music from the period in which is was recorded, The Velvet Underground made music that was very easy for The General Music-Listening Audience to misunderstand, and they did so on purpose. The Cultural situation But when pop music appeared on the arena at the end of the Fifties, rock music became a victim of commercialism.

For the hippies it was mostly the folk music scene that gathered them on the political arena. Who where The Velvet underground and Andy Warhol; The Music scene in the USA at the end of the sixties; The. The Velvet Underground & Nico Reimagined review – thin echoes of a pop masterpiece 2 out of 5 stars.

Music blog The Velvet Underground – see the video for Some Kinda Love (live). VELVET UNDERGOUND - Collected - Music.

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The vast differences between the velvet underground and pop music today

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