The day of the owl reflection

Every day is Earth Day for me!

The day of the owl reflection

This is a photo blog, poetry and short story blog about my life on Vancouver Island, B. I take photos of the birds and scenery I find.

The day of the owl reflection

I hope you enjoy your time here and please come back again. The photos are slide show enabled if you click on them. If you click on the top lighthouse photo it always takes you to the most recent summary list of my postings.

My hubby took these out on a boating trip with friends the last few days when the moon was full. So many herons at Esquimalt Lagoon above.

Reflecting Guard Owl |

Poor Saxe point eagle babies There are two babies there and they can fly already but still begging for food. The deer came running out of the bushes and snorted like a bear at me, then I realised that she had a new born baby with her so I was out of there fast.

You are so tiny but so very wonderful in every way Mr. The adult Barred Owl looks very flirtatious below like she is being so cute for the camera. She is a star and she knows it. She knows all about posing for the camera. We are all not perfect like this butterfly who has suffered some severe damage to her wings, but she keeps on going as best as she can.

I think there is beauty in imperfection also. It shows the struggle to survive. Life is just so messy at times and imperfect. Perfection is just a judgement anyway. It is all relative.

Even the air, the sun and the sky are wonderful to me, my perfection. Just to walk and be part of it all. Just to say I walked on this earth and I was here with you.

The day of the owl reflection

We shared this time in history together all of us. I have met so many people who are not perfect to whatever standard there is, but it is in their imperfection that is their beauty and humanity.Aug 21,  · The owl, a typical symbol of wisdom, activates at the time of night.

While all becomes awash in dark, the owl, unlike other creatures, can see. Philosophy thus represents the end of an epoch, the post-script of the times, rather than the beginning or as an enduring force.

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Apr 09,  · Horned owl on nest in April, Hubby found a Barred owl, killed by a car, likely swooping down for a mouse by the side of the road.

Jos accidentally upset him, and he spooked. I heard him calling back and forth to his mate a day later. Reflections on: Skye Posted on October 13, by Hudson Cleveland Eighty kilometres of jackknives, hairpins, switchbacks, dips, and blind summits wind through the treeless glens along the Isle of Skye’s northernmost peninsula.

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November "HOLD YOUR FACE TO THE LIGHT" Believe more deeply. Hold your face up to the Light, even though for the moment you do not see. From the book Daily Reflections.

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