Promoting inclusion equality and diversity with

As core values, diversity and inclusion are critical to developing the talented, high-performing workforce needed for ongoing business success. The Chevron Way states: We have an inclusive work environment that values the uniqueness and diversity of individual talents, experiences and ideas. The award recognizes that healthy workplaces impact business outcomes and can promote productivity, reduce absenteeism and improve employee morale.

Promoting inclusion equality and diversity with

Equality, diversity and inclusion Equality, diversity and inclusion Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion is an integral part of our vision to deliver new knowledge and an enriched, healthier, more sustainable and resilient society and culture, and to contribute to a prosperous economy.

As a major funder and employer of circa. We will do so by modelling equality, diversity and inclusion in our own actions and take a strategic lead in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in the research and innovation landscape, nationally and internationally. UKRI believes that everyone has a right to be treated with dignity and respect, and to be provided with equal opportunities to flourish and succeed in an environment which enables them to do so.

We also recognise and will seek to maximise the benefits achieved by diversity of thought and experience within inclusive groups, organisations and the wider community. As UKRI, we are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion for its own sake, and to continue to attract and nurture talented people from the widest pool to maintain a global lead in research and innovation and remain internationally competitive.

This is supported through two equality, diversity and inclusion specific strategic objectives: Champion equality, diversity and inclusion across the research and innovation sector, and support a healthy and high integrity culture Be a great place to work, which inspires, engages and learns from its people.

Our Principles As a major funder, a strategic voice for research and innovation, and as an employer, we are guided by these principles: We embed equality, diversity and inclusion at all levels and in all that we do, both as an organisation and as a funder.

Words are important, but we recognise action is more important concentrating our actions alongside our investments to have the most influence. We take an evidence-based approach commissioning and funding research to understand the issues, what interventions work, where and for whom — and what does not work.

We collaborate and engage with partners nationally and internationally, to facilitate sector-wide change. We recognise compliance is important, but understand these will not change outcomes unless the culture, processes and practices support the spirit and aims of equality, diversity and inclusion.

We recognise the importance of creating a culture that facilitates and safeguards the opportunities for all to be respected and treated fairly.

Priorities The increased investment expected from the public and private sector to achieve the Government target of 2. In this role Jennifer will lead a team to identify barriers and challenges for equality, diversity and inclusion, build knowledge of what works to improve outcomes in this area, and support the development and implementation of effective practices across the sector and internally for our own staff.

The call to recruit to the External Advisory Group closed on 14th June and the panel decision will be confirmed in the next few months.

Invitations to join the external advisory group will be made by Professor Jennifer Rubin for an initial term of one-year. We are committed to developing and sustaining the culture and conditions for diverse graduate students, researchers, practitioners and research and innovation staff to thrive.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to chair a new External Advisory Group which will see UK Research and Innovation develop an ambitious strategy and action plan by spring UKRI will work with the Advisory Group to identify and prioritise areas to make the most progress on equality, diversity and inclusion and improve outcomes in this area.

UKRI will build on the successes of its constituent parts and help build a diverse talent pool into and through research and innovation careers. UKRI will consult with stakeholders to develop a set of high-level objectives for equality, diversity and inclusion.

The creation of UKRI presents an opportunity for developing better data and more integrated analysis across our constituent bodies for supporting a diverse talent pipeline across research and innovation.How To Promote Equality & Diversity in Health & Social Care.

Louise Petty. April 20, 6 min read Equality and diversity are essential components of health and social care. Good equality and diversity practices make sure that the services provided to people are fair and accessible to everyone.

Promoting inclusion equality and diversity with

Tips for Promoting Equality and Diversity. Promoting diversity and inclusion in the UK Diversity in the UK The United Kingdom can today be described as being a one of Europe’s most diverse and multicultural countries that has many different ethnic minority and religious groups living within it.

Equality, diversity and rights. Patients/clients are people, and people have rights. They have the right to be treated fairly and with dignity and respect, regardless of their age, gender, ethnic origin, sexual preference, economic status or religious beliefs (or non-beliefs).

Diversity is key to our mission of building extraordinary teams that deliver unparalleled results for our firm and our clients. We strive to recruit people with exceptional talent and ability—and to celebrate their differences. We develop and train them, and then give them the opportunity to be.

The Business of Inclusion. We strive to create an environment that helps Microsoft capitalize on the diversity of our people and the inclusion of ideas and solutions to meet the needs of our increasingly global and diverse customer base.

The Importance of Promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Schools Words Dec 26th, 5 Pages Written Assessment #2 in Unit (, , , ).

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