Motivation letter for art school

My aim is to become a professional well-educated graphic designer. Therefore I want to gain a deep theoretical and practical knowledge in Graphic design area.

Motivation letter for art school

I need it for my Erasmus application to an Italian university. Advices, how to improve it, are welcome.

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Thank you very much in advance. I have a great passion for sculpture. In my view, there is nothing quite as extraordinary as the rhythms, forms, and patterns found in the spatialized expressions. Altough I am interested in the conceptual dimension of art.

I also must state that working in situ is really appeals to me.

Motivation letter help please?

I strive to contextualise my school projects considering visually and spatially relating to its situation and the area. I have read countless books and articles about sculpture and the art history, and I have visited foremost art museums and exhibitions in my country and some European cities that I have been to.

Motivation letter for art school

I know that the experience of studying abroad will help me to develop myself and to improve my knowledge.

The Erasmus program seems like the perfect opportunity to meet other cultures, learn another language, experience other educational system and enrich my curriculum vitae, as well as gain more independence. I am impressed by everything about the city.

I had spent my days walking gaily along the streets of the birthplace of the Renaissance.

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I felt like I'm touching the history, I was surrounded by art in every step I took. And looking world through the Arno was kind of miracle to me.

Motivation letter for art school

So I strongly want to take this chance to live in my dream city. I am very delighted to find the opportunity to spend one year at one of the foremost and the oldest fine art institutions in Europe. I can say that I look forward to join the XXX in order to prove my abilities and gain new skills and I will be patiently waiting for a positive reply."Even though we base our philosophy course on the data of faith, no one need fear that we shall confine our teaching within narrow and unscientific boundries.

Motivation letter for Master in International Information Systems Dear Madam or Sir, With this letter, I am applying for a position in the Masters of International Information Systems programme, offered at [university name].

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Motivation Letter for the Arts Programme in Holland