Livescribe custom paper deployment tool

Smartpen How do I just record my handwriting?

Livescribe custom paper deployment tool

Education Deployment Guide v2 Last Updated: The smartpen integrates several components and technologies. This document will guide you through setting up your computers and learning environment to use Livescribe smartpens in your classroom.

It will help you make important decisions about smartpen ownership, distribution, use, and management.

livescribe custom paper deployment tool

If used by staff, will they have one smartpen or multiple smartpens for creating instructional resources in the classroom? If used by students, will the smartpens be assigned to a student for an extended period of time or shared by students on a class-by-class basis?

Who will manage charge, transfer notes, etc. Livescribe Education Deployment Guide 3 Staff — Individual Smartpen When smartpens are distributed to administrators, teachers, and other staff we recommend assigning the smartpen to one individual person and not having it shared between users.

Some common uses of an individual smartpen by a staff member are to: Choose a designated computer for a staff member to sync their Livescribe smartpen with Livescribe Desktop. To maintain data privacy, staff and students should transfer data from their smartpens to different computers so that staff data remains private if necessary.


Install the Livescribe Desktop software from www. Teachers can also install the software at home, but be advised that data can be lost when you begin deleting audio files and archiving notebooks on multiple computers.

If you authorize the smartpen, you will only be able to transfer content to that computer. You will not be able to transfer content to another computer unless that computer is authorized with the email address and password first used to authorize the smartpen.

What’s In The Box?

The email address and password you provide will establish a Livescribe account that can be used for uploading pencasts to Livescribe Online and downloading purchased applications from the Livescribe store. If you plan on sharing instructional pencasts through the Pencast Player Application on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod with students, they will need the email address and password you used during authorization to access your account.

Consider using a separate email account for this purpose or use a different password from your school email account so students cannot use the information to access your school email account.

When you connect the smartpen to the computer, Livescribe Desktop will automatically launch and ask to authorize the smartpen. Authorization Screen Livescribe Education Deployment Guide 5 Smartpen Registration Registering a smartpen links the smartpen with the account created during authorization.

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It also gives you the following benefits: With the smartpen connected to your computer, launch Livescribe Desktop. Registration Screens Livescribe Education Deployment Guide 6 Staff — Multiple Smartpens Many educators use multiple smartpens in a classroom and designate different functions for each smartpen.

Older students can add peer book reviews to their classroom library and record books for younger students. Cooperative Learning Groups — Hold all group members accountable by having the group recorder use the smartpen to record group work sessions Class Projects — Add audio to class murals, posters, science fair boards, etc.

Install Livescribe Desktop The Livescribe Desktop software allows you to transfer your notes and audio files to your computer to save, search, organize, and share your sessions. Authorization Screen Livescribe Education Deployment Guide 8 Smartpen Registration Registering a smartpen links the smartpen with the account created during authorization.

Registration Screens Multiple smartpens can be registered and linked to the same account making the management of the smartpens easier for the teacher.

If pencasts are going to be shared using Livescribe Online, all pencasts will be in the same account. If multiple accounts are necessary to separate pencast collections using Livescribe Online follow these recommendations: Keep a list of which smartpen is registered under which email address.

Change the settings in Livescribe Desktop so it will require the user to log into their Livescribe Online account each time Livescribe Desktop is launched. Select General from the Settings Menu in the left-hand pane. The Google Sites connector is also a good tool for sharing pencasts without having to manage which smartpen is registered under which email account with Livescribe Online.Education Deployment Guide v2 Last Updated: October 8, Livescribe Education Deployment Guide 2 Overview The Livescribe™ smartpen is an advanced paper-based computer, providing both audio and visual feedback, powerful processing capabilities, and substantial built-in storage.

Please note that the Custom Paper Deployment Tool is not supported by Livescribe in any way, shape or form.

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Buy custom Essays amp now networking term papers expensive than be good at therefore custom writing service. The Livescribe smartpen works with Livescribe dot paper which comes in a variety of sizes.

You can print your own paper if you have a compatible laser printer. If you choose not to take notes, you can record audio and replay the session.

Livescribe create custom forms Free Download for Windows

The other day I bought a Livescribe Pulse pen at Target and have been playing with it both at work and at home. I have to say that I am impressed, and that this tool has made taking notes on paper practical, giving me the ability to include audio that is linked to the notes, upload handwritten notes to computer and do word searches on the notes.

All Livescribe dot paper is printed with a unique pattern of tiny microdots that work with the infrared camera in the Livescribe 3 smartpen to allow it to capture the /5(). Recently I’ve talked about a new tool I’ve released for Livescribe Smartpens, my Custom Paper Deployment Tool, which allows users (running Windows) to deploy any of my custom papers (and soon any other custom paper) to any Livescribe Smartpen now that the Development Program has officially ended and Livescribe will no longer support Custom Paper and third-party development.

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