Legendary disney characters

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Legendary disney characters

Legendary disney characters

Fa Zhou[ edit ] Fa Zhou is Mulan's father who is very strict and also a famed war veteran who got injured in war. At first glance he seems like he only cares about the honor of the family and that he is quick to frustration with Mulan. He first appears putting an incense stick on the hanging dish and praying to the honorable ancestors while Mulan is seeing the matchmaker.

Nothing distracts him from his prayers, even when chickens go running around in the shrine to crazily devour the chicken feed. When Chi-Fu calls him from the Fa family for military duty, he puts down the cane, stands straight and accepts his assignment scroll, not caring about his old crippled body despite his limping and visible pain.

Mulan worries that he is risking his life, especially after seeing him collapse after some sword exercises. When Mulan returns in triumph of defeating Shan Yu, she gives him Shan Yu's sword with the blade wrapped in cloth and the crest of the emperor; the two gifts that honor the Fa Family.

On receiving these gifts, he immediately puts them down and confesses that all he ever wanted was Mulan to be happy and safe, informing her that his greatest honour is having her as a daughter.

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He was voiced by Soon-Tek Oh. Fa Li[ edit ] Fa Li is Mulan's mother. She initially stays with the dresser waiting for Mulan to come. She is frustrated when her daughter's hair is messed with hay and sends her inside to have her bathed and cleaned up.

She and all the dressers help her get dressed after the bath.

Legendary disney characters

After they have finished beautifying Mulan, she sends her to the impatient matchmaker who then gets enraged by Mulan's accidents.

Fa Li consoles her after the matchmaker rejects her. During the rainy night, she weeps for her daughter who runs away with Khan the horse, and her husband Fa Zhou consoles her while watching over her at the same time.

When Li Shang shows up in the middle of a conversation between Fa Li and Grandmother Fa about Mulan's war exploits and that she should've brought a man home, Fa Li is left stunned.

According to her second film, the only other child she likes is Sha-Ron a faux-Chinese version of the name Sharona little girl who wears a lavender outfit and ox-horns.

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She was voiced by Freda Foh Shen. Grandmother Fa[ edit ] Grandmother Fa is Mulan's grandmother. She is very easy-going and gives Mulan the most freedom. She also provides comic relief in the family.

She is first seen holding a cage with Cri-Kee in it. She covers her eyes while crossing a road and demonstrates the ability to show how lucky this cricket is. After Fa Li and all the dressers have finished beautifying Mulan, Grandma Fa gives her a few items to make her look perfect apple, pendant, jade necklace and Cri-Kee.

She constantly encourages her to find a good husband. During the rainy night, she recognizes that her granddaughter has run away to join the army in her father's place, and she picks up a lantern and prays to the ancestors, awakening First Ancestor Fa.

When Mulan returns home with Shan Yu's sword and the Emperor's crest, she comments that Mulan should have brought a man home and is shocked when Li Shang arrives, causing her to jokingly say to sign her up for the next war.

When Mulan asks Shang to stay for dinner, she asks him to stay forever.Rarity is a Disney Crossy Road term for how rare a character is. There are different levels of rarity for how rare a character might be: Classic, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Enchanted and Diamond.

Classic is the term for characters that are at a level of 1 star. Sunflower is one of the minor protagonists from The Pastoral Symphony animated segment of the concert film Fantasia.

Though she appeared in the film while it was in theaters she has been removed from all releases of the film since due to perpetuating a racist stereotype. Sunflower. Legendary (Disney Channel Stars) Version " Legendary (Disney Channel Stars) " is the ninth song from the Raven's Home: Remix Album.

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It represents an Inspiring Anthem about Self-Confidence and the Celebration of Others, and encompasses the spirit of camaraderie and delivers the powerful message that when girls and young women support each other and work together, nothing is out of reach.

A stunning limited-edition featuring the Destino film right in the book of this tribute to the lifelong friendship and collaboration of Salvador Dali and Walt Disney. In , the two began working on a project together, intended to be a short animated film called srmvision.com partnered with Disney Legend John Hench to storyboard the film, but production was brought to a halt because of.

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