Indian science writers association iswak

Wondering about the weather in space, or even on Earth? Tomatosphere uses the excitement of space exploration as a way to teach the skills and processes of scientific inquiry. In the Seed Investigation, students examine the effects of the space environment on the germination of tomato seeds.

Indian science writers association iswak

Her work focuses on the edge of experience: She has done ethnography on the streets of Chicago with homeless and psychotic women, and worked with people who hear voices in Chennai, Accra and the South Bay. She has also done fieldwork with evangelical Christians who seek to hear God speak back, with Zoroastrians who set out to create a more mystical faith, and with people who practice magic.

She uses a combination of ethnographic and experimental methods to understand the phenomenology of unusual sensory experiences, the way they are shaped by ideas about minds and persons, and what we can learn from this social shaping that can help us to help those whose voices are distressing.

Will taught at universities in London and Newcastle, and has held research fellowships at Cambridge, Hamburg and Halle.

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His primary focus is accounts of South Indian Hinduism in English, Dutch, German, French and Portuguese writers from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries. His current research project, supported by the Marsden Fund of the Royal Society of New Zealand, examines the lived practices of monastic law in contemporary Sri Lanka and their links with state-legal structures.

Ben teaches and supervises in the areas of Buddhism, Southern Asian religions, religion and law, religion and identity, and methods and theories in the study of religion. John holds a PhD with distinction from the University of Connecticut. His research investigates the cognitive and evolutionary dynamics of religious change, with a particular focus on Christianity and Islam in New Zealand and the Pacific.

She studies the intersection of religion and law in the modern period, particularly the phenomenology of modern religion as it is shaped in its encounter with law. Chaplaincy, Spiritual Care and the Lawco-author of Ekklesia: He spent four years lecturing at the University of Otago before returning to the School of Psychology at the University of Auckland.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand and has been awarded with several fellowships, as well as the inaugural Mason Durie Medal for his pioneering contributions to social science.

He helped pioneer the application of computational evolutionary methods to questions about linguistic prehistory and cultural evolution. His core research focuses on questions about the history of languages, cultures and people in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Together with Simon Greenhill he developed a large lexical database for the languages of this region.

They analysed this data using Bayesian phylogenetic methods to test hypotheses about the sequence and timing of the peopling of the Pacific. The results revealed striking patterns of expansion pulses and pauses.

This linguistic work set the stage for his recent research applying ecological and evolutionary methods to questions about the cultural evolution of religion and the development of large-scale stratified societies both in the Pacific and around the globe.

This research has found that notions of god vary with ecology, that moralising gods promote the development of social complexity, and in a darker vein, that ritual human sacrifice promotes and sustains the evolution of stratified societies.

He has published over journal articles and book chapters including nine papers in Nature and Science. In she was awarded a Carl Friedrich von Siemens Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in recognition of lifetime achievements in research. She is the patron of many environmental and cultural organisations, and co-founder of the Waikereru Ecosanctuary in Gisborne.

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indian science writers association iswak

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indian science writers association iswak
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