How to write a dance choreography proposal

One would not necessarily think of writing anything down when it comes to dance. While there are no scripts, such as in theater, a choreographed routine still needs structure and refinement.

How to write a dance choreography proposal

For better assistance on dance formations for group routines, please read Lai Rupe's article, "How to Create Dance Formations and Transitions.

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When Choreographing solo routines, this can be easier than group choreography, as you don't necessarily need as many formation changes. With large groups you want at least one formation change for every minute of dance you choreography. Adding formation changes give the routine diversity and more dynamics.

how to write a dance choreography proposal

For noting your formations, I like to use circles or numbers to mark each dancers. Numbers are great, because then when you have a formation change, you can mark where that dancer moves, by their correlating number.

This makes it easy to teach formation changes too, because then you can simply give each dancer a number and call out that number for where their new position will be on the dance floor. If you have any questions about creating more solid dance formations, reach out to Lai Rupe by commenting below.

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As a Choreographer, What are tips you use to note your Dance Routines? We want to hear from you! See results Third - Key Phrases for Instruction One of the other key tips to help you create useful and constructive choreography notes, I would advise to write down key phrases to help you and the dancers remember certain sections and dance moves.

These can be easy words like "Turn" or "Leap;" or they can relate to the lyrics like "Fall" or "Fly. They also allow you to not have to talk as much while teaching, as you only need to shout out key words, rather than full counts or dance terms.Amid their five year anniversary (June 13), superstar South Korean music group BTS continues to take the U.S.

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Write down 5 websites (including the website address) that you used to help you in your research. Describe what costumes you would like to have for your dance.

Draw pictures to clarify your description. Bishop T.D.

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Jakes. Bishop T. D. Jakes is a charismatic leader, visionary, provocative thinker, and entrepreneur who serves as Senior Pastor of The Potter’s House, a global humanitarian organization and 30,member church located in Dallas. Spring CHOREOGRAPHY PROPOSAL Please Print Choreographer: Phone #’s: Email: Mailing Address: Title of Piece: Style/Genre: Length of Piece: Number of Performers: Would this piece be a good: OPENER CLOSER Do you prefer that this piece is towards the: BEGINNING MIDDLE END NO PREF.

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