Endangered species and what we can do to help these animals

Build skyscrapers, advance technology beyond belief, sure, but fundamentally alter the natural systems and structures of the planet?

Endangered species and what we can do to help these animals

Listing status[ edit ] U. Fish and Wildlife Service: Experimental, nonessential populations of endangered species are treated as threatened species on public land, for consultation purposes, and as species proposed for listing on private land.

History[ edit ] The near-extinction of the bison and the disappearance of the passenger pigeon helped drive the call for wildlife conservation starting in the s.

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The public was introduced to a new concept: Whooping crane Market hunting for the millinery trade and for the table was one aspect of the problem. The early naturalists also killed birds and other wildlife for study, personal curio collections and museum pieces.

Endangered species and what we can do to help these animals

One species in particular received widespread attention—the whooping crane. Unregulated hunting and habitat loss contributed to a steady decline in the whooping crane population until, byit had disappeared from its primary breeding range in the north central United States.

It would be another eight years before the first national law regulating wildlife commerce was signed, and another two years before the first version of the endangered species act was passed. The whooping crane population by was estimated at about only 16 birds still in the wild. It prohibited interstate commerce of animals killed in violation of state game laws, and covered all fish and wildlife and their parts or products, as well as plants.

Other legislation followed, including the Migratory Bird Conservation Act ofa treaty prohibiting the hunting of right and gray whales, and the Bald Eagle Protection Act of These later laws had a low cost to society—the species were relatively rare—and little opposition was raised.

A provision was added by Congress in the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of that provided money for the "acquisition of land, waters Passed by Congress, this act permitted the listing of native U. It also directed federal land agencies to preserve habitat on their lands.

The Act also consolidated and even expanded authority for the Secretary of the Interior to manage and administer the National Wildlife Refuge System. Other public agencies were encouraged, but not required, to protect species. It included 14 mammals, 36 birds, 6 reptiles and amphibians and 22 fish.

The endangered species program was expanded by the Endangered Species Act of Amendment of [ edit ] Main article: Reptiles were added mainly to reduce the rampant poaching of alligators and crocodiles.

The amendment called for an international meeting to adopt a convention or treaty to conserve endangered species. That meeting was held in Washington, D. Endangered Species Act[ edit ] President Richard Nixon declared current species conservation efforts to be inadequate and called on the 93rd United States Congress to pass comprehensive endangered species legislation.

It was written by a team of lawyers and scientists, including Dr. Train was assisted by a core group of staffers, including Dr.

Bertrand is credited with writing the most challenged section of the Act, the "takings" clause — Section 2.

Endangered species and what we can do to help these animals

The stated purpose of the Endangered Species Act is to protect species and also "the ecosystems upon which they depend. Species that occur in both habitats e. In MarchThe Washington Post reported that documents showed that the Bush Administrationbeginning inhad erected "pervasive bureaucratic obstacles" that limited the number of species protected under the act: From tountil a U.

District Court overturned the decision, Fish and Wildlife Service officials said that if that agency identified a species as a candidate for the list, citizens could not file petitions for that species.Today is Endangered Species Day.

A day that I would like each of you to take a moment of your time and think on things that are happening in not just the world around us, but right in our own backyards.

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Read the article "Gone Forever" before answering Numbers 9 through 16 in the Answer Section. A snow leopard roars in the high mountains of Asia. World Wildlife Fund - The leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species.

Learn how you can help WWF make a difference. ️STOP SCROLLING ️ This is very important!!! These beautiful animals are the vaquitas, the world’s smallest and most endangered porpoise. CITES is an international agreement between governments, aimed to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not .

The Most Endangered Species. W e mentioned in another article that picking a Ten Most Endangered Animals list was a tough job. For every critically endangered creature you select, you must leave out hundreds of other animals that are in just as much jeopardy.

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