Construction company business plan ppt slideshare

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Construction company business plan ppt slideshare

As long as people continue to buy new houses, update existing homes and open businesses, construction companies will have clients. In small construction companies, the manager might also be the owner.

construction company business plan ppt slideshare

Larger companies, however, are more likely to hire one or more managers who answer to the owner or to a board of directors. Most carpenters, form setters, roofers, tapers and other construction workers learn their trades through on-the-job training. Keeping industrious workers means offering competitive pay, benefits and incentives in addition to promptly addressing concerns and providing a safe work environment.

Important management duties include hiring, firing, training, disciplining and conflict resolution.

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Managing the Business End of the Business A successful construction company must bid competitively against other companies and manage its financial assets to ensure that the owners and workers are paid and that the Internal Revenue Service gets its share of the earnings.

Managing even the smallest construction company usually requires hiring someone to run the business office, complete bookkeeping tasks and handle correspondence.

By delegating business tasks, the construction manager is free to devote more time to bidding, client and worker interaction and job site duties. Managing Finances Construction is expensive, and most construction companies and their clients find it necessary to secure outside financing.

This includes obtaining capital to buy tools, vehicles and equipment, build homes on speculation and purchase materials. An owner or general construction manager should know how to write a business plan that projects short- and long-term operating costs and profits before seeking construction loans or venture capital.

Company Structure A successful manager understands the construction process and provides team leadership and supervision for workers in the field. Typically, this involves appointing a supervisor or foreman who reports to the manager.

Large construction companies might hire a number of crew supervisors who communicate with a project manager, who in turn answers to a general manager.

No matter how large or small the company is, it will run more efficiently if it has a workable structure that provides a set chain of command. An efficient manager knows how to smooth over the rough spots and keep clients happy.

Good communication skills are essential to effective management. The successful manager will counsel clients in their options; answer questions; serve as a liaison between clients, distributors, retailers and subcontractors; and handle day-to-day issues as they arise.

Problem-solving and decision-making skills are essential for construction company managers, who must be able to minimize conflicts and keep projects running smoothly.Construction Business Owner: The Construction Company Owner Can’t Do It All About the Author Glenda Taylor is a contractor and a full-time writer specializing in construction writing.

If you have a company with multiple revenue streams, such as a commercial construction group that specializes in healthcare and a residential unit that specializes in historic preservation, you should have a distinct marketing plan for each business line.

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construction company business plan ppt slideshare

Scott Gibson - November 17, SHARE. Real Estate / Construction Business Powerpoint. Use the PPT files to present you real estate business plan to new clients and existing construction partners.

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