Comparison cask of amontillado and birthmark

C 2-Machiavelli Though often presented as two ideological opposites, personally I find there to be a lot more similarities between Plato and Machiavelli than usually acknowledged.

Comparison cask of amontillado and birthmark

Comparison cask of amontillado and birthmark

The story is about him and his favorite pet, a cat named as Pluto. Pluto and Edgar were good friends until Edgar changed abruptly, became violent and a drunkard. The situation worsened and Edgar killed the cat, an act that haunted him and prompted him to look for another cat to replace Pluto with.

The new black cat does not bring peace to Edgar and the story ends with Edgar killing both the black cat and his wife. The narrator takes the audience through the story with lots of symbolism and imagery.

In the story, Edgar finds his house on fire after killing Pluto, and later he sees an image of a huge cat on the wall of his house.

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Perverseness is also a theme in this story where the quilt feeling by Edgar causes fear in his life Barger and Poe, There is also the theme of self destruction which is shown by the way Edgar brings trouble to himself through alcoholism and his violent actions.

Another theme is the theme of vengeance Lippmann The black cat haunts Elgar in order to avenge its death and in the end of the story, the cat alerts draws the attention of the police to the acts of Elgar. The most outstanding elements in this story are the elements of horror and superstition.

It is superstition that makes Edgar think that he has seen a cat on the wall of his burnt house, a symbol of Pluto hanging on the noose. Another important element in the story is the cat itself, which plays the roles of an actor, symbol, and a device to develop the plot.

It doubles up as both a real creature and a ghost by dying and another cat reappearing in the story. This element of doubling is used in German folklore to signify bad luck or bad omen.

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The name Pluto is also symbolic as according to Roman mythology, the name symbolizes death or misfortunes. The story is also ambiguous, with the question of whether the reappearance of the cat was natural or superstitious being left unanswered. The reason why he is not happy is because of the many offenses committed against him by Furtunato.

Montressor is out to revenge and he looks for an opportunity to do so. He uses a new wine by the name of Amontillado as bait to catch Furtunato and he succeeds and kills him brutally. The themes in the story are revenge, deception and pride.

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Montressor is out to revenge against Fortunato for the many offences he has committed, the most recent one being an insult.

Deception is another theme shown by the way the way Montressor uses Amontillado to lure Fortunato to the catacombs where he kills him. Pride is evidenced by the believe Fortunato has on his ability to know whether the wine presented to him is truly Amontillado.

He believed in his ability even though he was not sober and he was also unwell Barger and Poe He is disturbed and seeks to get the reader to sympathize with him by informing the reader that his bad deeds were out of unavoidable circumstances.

One theme of the story is the enemy within, which means destroying oneself or working against ones interests through alcoholism, drug abuse and others.

There is an inner spirit that develops within us and cause fear of some things, depression or lack of sleep. According to Barger and Poe, the narrator is facing such a situation and in his struggle to overcome it, he fights against himself and loses The other theme is the theme of terror which is shown by the way the narrator struggles to fight against an imaginary enemy.In ‘The Cask of Amontillado’ the use of intellectualism and pride are significant motifs that the author uses to advance the themes of betrayal and foolishness.

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