Communication strategy of tata nano

The death of the four p's of marketing [Video file]. Assume you are the marketing manager at Tata responsible for consumer marketing. In your own words, outline a plan that Tata could implement in order to make the process to purchase the Nano more efficient for potential buyers. A great number of companies position their brands to make customers feel like their product or service will make them belong to a certain group or that they will receive social acceptance and respect.

Communication strategy of tata nano

It describes the disruptive product innovation and the company marketing strategy with regard to the fact that the Tata Nano was launched in a low-income country. The focus is on the product design, pricing, promotion, and distribution.

Communication strategy of tata nano

The work also includes a failure analysis and examines the reasons why the predicted sales of It also investigates which measures were taken to eliminate those failures.

List of Illustrations Picture 1: The Economic Pyramid Picture 2: The company operates its business in seven sectors: The Tata Group comprises over operations in more than 80 countries worldwide.

The company engages over 55, employees. Its development was conditioned by using of disruptive technologies and on that account it was tagged as a disruptive innovation. The disruptive technologies are the opposite of the sustaining technologies, which are typical for most technological advances.

According to Christensen, the sustaining technologies improve the performance of established products, along the dimensions of performance that mainstream customers in major markets have historically valued. Christensen explains, that the disruptive technologies underperform given products in mainstream market.

The products are typically cheaper, smaller, simpler, and more convenient to use.

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But they offer other features that some new customers appreciate. It represents the largest and fastest-growing markets in the world. The Tata Nano is, however, a disruptive innovation produced for the emerging market of India, where 95 percent of the population belong to the Bottom of the Pyramid.

The following part continues with the description of the developing and marketing concept of the Nano. The firm created a new concept for developing and marketing of car.

Unconventional ad campaign planned

It had to rethink the production, marketing, and distribution strategy. Ratan Tata asked himself, if there could be a safe, affordable, all weather means of transport for such a family.

The objective was to offer them a new product that would be better and safer than the mean of transport they currently use and affordable at the same time.

Competitive advantages that Tata Motors would enjoy with their Nano in emerging markets 3 Core competencies of Tata Motors 3 Cost-cutting: an effective marketing strategy 3 Marketing the Nissan Micra and Tata Nano Using Social Media, In SAGE Business Cases, SAGE Publications Ltd., viewed 11/6/, / Tybout, Alice M and Natalie Fahey. "Marketing the Nissan Micra and Tata Nano Using Social Media.". Sustainability persists to be in motion at Tata Motors enabling to drive innovation across policies, processes and products. However, with our HorizoNext strategy where we are striving for .

They already have experience with transportation and are holders of a driving licence and a number plate. According to this assumption, illiteracy or lack of education should not be a barrier for selling the Nano. The development team of Nano worked four years to design the car at low costs.

The Tata Nano: The People’s Car (Abridged) Case Solution

The benchmark of the Nano was the Maruti The result was a vehicle that was 8 percent smaller externally and 21 percent more spacious internally than the Maruti The Nano was designed in conformance to Indian and European emission standards.

Passing the full frontal crash test obligated for India and the offset and side crash test required internationally was a condition. This circumstance made possible to develop new production technologies and design features that were in accordance with the Nano's specification and production volumes.

XV [5] Christensenp. XV [6] Prahaladpp.18th May ² Ratan Tata announces nano project in singur. 23rd March ² Nano unveiled in three variants nano. 10th Jan ² Launch of Nano. 8th Oct ² Nano moves to Gujarat. 3rd Oct ² Withdrawal of project from West srmvision.comg Begins.

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Communication strategy of tata nano

Talk about everything from your favorite books and funniest jokes to politics and current events. In a bid to create awareness for the Tata Nano, Tata Motors is putting in place an innovative communication package with a sharp focus on unconventional media. For . Tata Primos Talegaon Property Plan in Maharashtra - Tata Primos Talegaon is a vibrant residential venture astonishingly located in the city Pune, it is a proud presentation by Tata Value Homes a leading and reputed real estate company.


This auspicious project is coming up with luxurious residential units along with the configuration 2 BHK. Tata Nano - Strategy, Impact on the Automobile Industry The great wonder car by Tata’s has stunned the entire world.

Critics who often said that it was not possible to make a car at a price below $ were taken to a back sit when Ratan Tata the chairman of Tata Motors unveiled this .

The Tata Nano is a city car manufactured by Tata Motors. Made and sold in India, the Nano is the cheapest car in the world today. Before it went on sale, a price of 1 lakh (US$1,) was widely touted.

Project Report on Performance Appraisal of Tata Motors