Cmst 2064 midterm study guide

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Cmst 2064 midterm study guide

Transcription 1 Urban Studies Food and the City: The purpose of this course is to explore local, national, and global urban agriculture and food justice movements. The course will address the historical roots of growing food in the city as well as examine how urban agriculture represents both a social movement to create a more just society and an aid to implement urban environmental sustainability.

Viewing food through theories of political economy and critical sociology, this course will emphasize inequality and neoliberal globalization and their respective impacts on food accessibility and insecurity.

Students will examine urban areas with plentiful access to organic food stores, farmers markets, and grocery stores, and compare to other areas that provide food primarily through gas stations, corner stores, and food banks. The course will also touch on urban areas' and urban residents' relationship to food, the growth of distinct food cultures in cities, and the larger meaning and significance of urban food geographies.

UWM Social Science General Education Requirements engages the study of human behavior, human cultural and physical variation and evolution, and the organization, development, and consequences of human activity, both past and present.

The course also incorporates the UW System Shared Learning Goal of individual, social and environmental responsibility including civic knowledge and engagement both local and globalethical reasoning, and action.

USP counts as a required course for the Urban Studies Program certificate and major degree program. Course Goals, Objectives, and Expectations By the end of the semester, students will be able to: If you are never confused, you are not truly learning.

As online classes can make it a little more difficult to engage in questions with immediate instructor feedback, the I m Confused section is a great place to get answers. Also, you are likely not the only person who is confused about the question, so help your classmates! The heart of the discussion portion of class is for you to engage with the material and I will not stifle discussion by inserting my opinion.

There are no right answers for the posts so I will simply foster additional conversation or ask for clarification on several posts each week.

Course Expectations; the students will: Globalization and Food Sovereignty: University of Toronto Press: The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the Twenty- First Century.

University of California Press: Ebook available free through the UWM Library. Follow the link, you must be signed into your library account: Race, Class, and Sustainability. Paperback, used, and electronic versions are fine. You will need to use direct quotes from the book for assignments and exams.

If you use the e- version, you MUST CITE the location where the quote is found in the book chapter, section heading if applicable, and number of paragraphs into the sectionso keep detailed notes and save yourself some time! This course will function fully online through the D2L site.

Students must have access to the Internet either at home, or in the computer lab on campus.

Cmst 2064 midterm study guide

Inadequate Internet access will not be accepted as an excuse for a late assignment. Assigned readings, lecture materials, and videos will be posted on D2L under the week in which they are assigned. If you have trouble with D2L or have not used it yet, please see the following information on accessing and navigating D2L.DOC Archive.

Preview DOC Archive. No FileName Content-Type; 1: forensic anthropology laboratory manual 2nd edition. Midterm Study Guide Fall Chapter 1: Introduction to group communication 1.

Cmst 2064 midterm study guide

*Explain the six characteristics of small groups. a.

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Small number of people – people, minimum number of people will allow you to achieve a task effectively b. This Guide includes information about your reading and resources, independent learning, class activities and assessment tasks.

It is recommended that you read this Guide carefully: you will be expected to manage your learning as you work towards successful study. study guide angle relationship answers Study Guide Angle Relationship Answers Study guide and intervention geometry angle relationships answers Basic Geometry Basic Biology Basic or Advanced Diagnostic study guide and intervention angle relationships Math Connects Midterm Study Guide Math Connects Final Exam Study Guide.

CMST Fall Midterm Study Guide Lectures Classical Human Human Resources Organizational Approaches Relations Approach Approach Culture Communication Job and goal focused Social communication Task, social and Shared values will Topic with a minimal job motivational determine appropriate topics Communication Vertical, usually Vertical.

CREAGOR Cells Respond to stimuli Energy use Adapt Grow and develop Organized Reproduce CREAGOR Cells Respond to stimuli Energy use Adapt Grow and develop Organized Reproduce Midterm Study Guide Survey of Life 1.

All living things share the following characteristics: a.

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