British airways operations management

Garry Copeland Director of Engineering. Joined the airline in Andrew Crawley Director of Sales and Marketing.

British airways operations management

British Airways Logistics and Operations Management Introduction Operations management is one of the most critical areas of concern to any business organization. These changes have been implemented in an effort to enhance the various business operations to promote effective client satisfaction and realize the pre-set goals and objectives.

BA is the key flag carrier of the UK and is considered as the largest airline based on international flights, size, as well as promotion of services to a majority of international destinations. It is the second largest in terms of passenger capacity and lies closely behind easy jet.

BA has recently faced several challenges especially within the corporate sectors which have eventually affected a majority of its operations such as reliability, dependability, maintenance and cost. The firm has thereby turned into the use of technological tools as a measure to improve the operation management strategies Parkerp.

In an effort to improve on the level of dependability, the OM team at BA is concerned with the management, design as well as improvement of the various operating systems and processes. As the team seeks to understand the various challenges which confront the competence of the firm in the current demanding environment, the strategic focus has eventually broadened to British airways operations management multiple advanced activities such as: Networks defining material and information flow which tie a variety of operating units together as well as the respective systems which support these networks.

Multi-firm, multifunctional systems which include design and research, engineering processes, product design as well as process development and production of goods and services especially within individual business and technical operating units.

As a way of improving the level of dependability from the services that they offer, the OM team at BA has embarked on the use of information technology in various sectors. The OM team aims at setting the pace within the heart of their business in an effort to enable the organization to succeed within the connected world.

Every operational part of the BA has been linked to the use of IT networks. The use of networks and advanced technologies at BA ranges from ba. Through these techniques, the OM team believes that the company is likely to maintain a competitive edge against other existing and upcoming global partners Plenertp.

As an excellent way of promoting increased dependability, the IT department is fully responsible for creating the most appropriate strategy for the airlines and also delivers the IT support products and services to the clients and the members of the staff.

As a result, the OM team aims at delivering a robust, secure as well as reliable technological operation at a significantly fair price.

In order to efficiently support the services through the day and during the nights, BA has established the need for an effective call center. This call center is composed of effective technological tools which include automatic response and call detection equipments, power backups that can support the IT infrastructure for a minimum of six hours and a team of competitive call response attendants.

The call center also utilizes some of the most influential social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and My Space. These platforms are used to address the inquiries of the clients and also recording their feedbacks regarding the kind of services that are offered at BA.

The same social networking platforms are used in the aid of making any apologies to clients on behalf of the entire company management in case of inconveniences.

As an example, complaints which are forwarded through special networking sites or within official websites are replied instantly by a team of qualified human resource personnel. The team tweets back or replies the messages from the clients through the use of the social platforms where they apologize especially in cases where there are delays Parkerp.

BA has also established a notification process where all the clients receive frequent updates in case there are any changes within the schedules of their flights. These updates are sent in electronic format. This process ensures that there are minimal inconveniences to the clients; and thereby, helps in retaining the reputation of the company.

In situations where the company delivers products instead of clients, the response team notifies the client after a few hours on the expected time within which the parcel or the luggage should be delivered. This is easily realized through electronic notifications that are supported by high-speed network devices such as the fourth generation routers and switches.

BA also minds the welfare of the employees.

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Employees form part of the most significant asset that contributes to the success and development of the company. As an example, the company, through the assistance of the OM team has managed to install an advanced apprentice program which automatically assigns the attendance shifts to the respective employees.This study represents the operations management of British Airways plc in the recent financial environment.

It also critically analyses these factors in which key factors of operations management for evaluation and provides some recommendations as an action plan.

British Airways’ Global Customer Relations Program. Takes Off. with Astute Solutions’ ePowerCenter. CASE STUDY.

BA completed a review of its operations across customer relations and identified a number of key issues and while enabling better cost management.

British airways operations management

British Airways Management Hierarchy British Airways is the largest airline of UK in terms of the size of the fleet and is the United Kingdom’s flag carrier. The airline, one of the top airlines in the world, is based in the Waterside region, near the Heathrow Airport, London.

British airways operations management

In the day-to-day running of the Company, the Chief Executive is supported by the Management Board, the members of which, as at 20 May , were the Chief Financial Officer and: Robert Boyle Director of Strategy and Business Units. 34 / British Airways /09 Annual Report and Accounts.

British Airways /10 Annual Report and Accounts

Corporate governance and Operations Executive. The Management Board, which meets weekly, is responsible for the vision and The way we run our business The workplace continued positive and productive work environment.

British Airways is a market leader in the United Kingdom air line operations. In the last decade due to immense increase in competition there has been erosion in their market share. This report analyses the past and current environment of British Airways.

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