Bain and company case studies

LinkedIn Introduction Bain capital is considering to buyout Dollarama and the senior associate at a large bank of Canada is asked to give recommendation on whether to go ahead with the buyout or not.

Bain and company case studies

These firms are typically SMEs with a maximum of 20 consultants.

Bain and company case studies

These consulting firms are not structured in terms of internal organization. Similarly, their support services to consultants are weak or non-existent. These small consulting firms are strongly affected by the experience, network, and personality of their founder.

Somehow, it is also the case of large firms because BCG, for example, kept the corporate culture of its founder Bruce Henderson. Benefits To Working In A Small Consulting Firm The main advantage is to evolve in an environment where each person always has his or her place, given the small size of the teams.

The customer portfolio is generally stable, so if you want to work in an environment where continuity prevails on change, a boutique might be a good choice. Finally, for junior candidates, consulting boutiques often have financially more attractive offers than large firms.

In a way, this situation could create situations of dependence on the founder. We do not find this phenomenon in a large firm where you can absolutely have no chemistry with certain partners without it blocking your career, especially for the next steps in your career, when you leave the firm.

Or a consulting boutique being by definition low conspicuous, this experience will not be as value added for your career as one in BCG or Bain. This is why the role of the founder is crucial in this context.

You will need to integrate the profile of the founder in you upstream choice of firm. For example, a former senior partner of McKinsey will probably open doors at McKinsey for employees working in his boutique. Finally, all benefits cited above can be disadvantages depending on your personality and your professional expectations.

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Aug 30,  · The case interview is used at every round of interviews globally. Based on actual client work, case interviews provide a mutually beneficial opportunity for us to see how you approach problems. He had learned quite a bit about the company during the interviews and through research. Boston Consulting Group Bain Case Studies Case Study Case Interview Foundations: 6 Types of Case Interviews Case Study #1: Do your homework on who you’re meeting and .

Bain’s rigorous screening process • Bain & Company is a world-renowned strategy consulting firm. They have been ranked the #1 best firm to work for by Consulting magazine for the past nine years. This leading firm works with large corporations and multinationals across industries throughout the world.

BAIN SPRINTS TO GOLD. Global business consultancy, Bain and Company, became a Gold Payroll Giving Quality Mark Award winner in , just 7 months after launching its new charitable initiative, the 'Bain Cares' Fund. Case Interview Question # Your client, Charter Communications Inc., is an American telecommunications company that offers its services to consumers and businesses under the branding of Spectrum.

Bain and company case studies

Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, the company has high brand recognition.

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